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04/06/2010: draft updated.
This website has limited Thai language (google translation) - refer the link below to access Thai community website in WA
This website is not finished - our resources (volunteer) are currently working on other projects 
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G'Day MateAusWaThai

   Official Website for AusWaThai Travel West Australia    
This site exists by effort of volunteers in W.A. and Thailand.
We try, we make mistakes, but we care and that matters most!

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Thai Community websites Perth WA (West Australia) 

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includes WA Yellow Pages Thai in W.A.   - click here


AFL  it's more than a game

         video: 3.25secs

If fish come,  click on the tank to feed them

   yes.... they will chase the cursor! .. try



kangaroo downunderFood

where to find Good Asian food shopping and Restuarant - see listing in WA Thai Directory
website about Food Lovers Australia - selection of recipies and TV food shows around Australia
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